Over 103,000 daffodils are in full bloom at farmer Yoshitaka Tanaka's field near Lake Toya in Hokkaido, northern Japan, turning it into a carpet of yellow and white.

Tanaka first started planting daffodils at his home about 10 years ago when a friend gave him some bulbs. The hobby has since transformed into a 0.3 hectare flower garden known by locals as the "Daffodil Hill."


On a sunny day, visitors can also see Mt. Yotei from the field.

This year's daffodils began to blossom around May 10 and are expected to last until late May.

"I know we are still in the situation where everyone is staying home and refraining from going out" due to the coronavirus pandemic, Tanaka said. "But here we are deep in the mountains and the air is fresh. It would be great if people can take a breather and come see the daffodils." 

The Hokkaido Shimbun Press

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