North Korean state-run media by Saturday evening has yet report on the convening of the country's top legislature which was scheduled for the previous day.

The lack of any mention of the session of the Supreme People's Assembly by domestic news media has led some South Korean media outlets to speculate that it has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Supreme People's Assembly convenes once or twice a year to decide on the national budget and the personnel of state organizations.

According to Radio Press news agency, which monitors North Korea's official news media, given that reports on parliamentary meeting have since 1990 been issued on the day of the session or the following morning, and it is extremely unusual for there to be no reporting on the event at all.

North Korea continues to insist that there are no cases of coronavirus infection in the country, but many are skeptical.

Nevertheless, a Beijing-based diplomat pointed out that given the lack of information supporting the claim that the meeting has been postponed, it is necessary to keep monitoring the situation.

North Korea has since January closed its border with China in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus from its larger neighbor.

On March 21, state media announced that the Supreme People's Assembly would convene on April 10, the first time for it to do so since August last year.

The Korean Central News Agency reported Friday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversaw a mortar firing drill by the army. It also released photos of him at the exercise, in which he was not wearing a mask.

KCNA did not say when are where the drill was held, with Korea Central Television on Saturday repeatedly broadcasting footage of the training inspection.

A session of the Supreme People's Assembly usually ends in one day, but last April it lasted for two days, with Kim delivering a speech on the second day. Some meetings have not been attended by Kim.

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