The head of the French Olympic Committee said the coronavirus pandemic must be past its peak by the end of May if the Tokyo Games are to have any chance of going ahead, according to a Reuters report on Monday.

"My feeling is that if we're still in the crisis by the end of May, I can't see how the games can happen," French Olympic Committee President Denis Masseglia told Reuters in a telephone interview.

"If we are beyond the peak and the situation is getting better, questions will arise about who qualifies, but we will find the least worst solution."

Tokyo Olympic organizers have remained steadfast in their insistence that the Games, which are scheduled to begin on July 24 and run until Aug. 9, will be able to go ahead as planned.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held a press conference on Saturday, where he said that Japan will host the Olympic Games in Tokyo as planned, and that the virus outbreak has not reached a point in Japan that requires him to declare a national emergency.

However, there are growing concerns that the event will have to be canceled or postponed, with the outbreak spreading and causing widespread shutdowns of professional sports leagues around the world.

Aside from the risk of further spreading the virus if the games go ahead, the decimated sporting calendar leaves significant question marks over how athletes will qualify for the competition.

The International Olympic Committee plans to hold emergency talks with international sporting federations on Tuesday and with National Olympic Committees on Wednesday.