China's health authorities on Wednesday reported 13 additional cases of novel coronavirus infection on the mainland, all but one from people arriving from abroad.

The National Health Commission also reported 11 more deaths, all of them in hard-hit Hubei Province in central China, taking the total number of deaths on the mainland to 3,237.

The only locally transmitted case reported over a one-day period to the end of Tuesday occurred in Wuhan, Hubei's provincial capital and the epicenter of the country's virus outbreak, with the remaining 12 detected in passengers arriving from overseas in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong.

The tally of confirmed cases for mainland China now stands at 80,894. The number of new infections found in travelers from abroad has outnumbered those newly found infected inside China in recent days, with the nationwide tally of imported cases reaching 155.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong reported 14 more confirmed cases, its biggest single-day increase, taking the local tally to 181. Of the new cases, all but one had traveled abroad before falling ill, mostly in Europe, according to health officials.

In nearby Macau, three more confirmed cases were reported, taking the total there to 15. All three had traveled abroad and returned to Macau via Hong Kong, local authorities said.

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