Russian professional kiteboarder Evgenii Novozheev earlier this month successfully completed a roughly 53-kilometer crossing of the Soya Strait from the southern Russian island of Sakhalin to Koetoi on the coast of Wakkanai in Hokkaido.

Harnessing wind power with a large controllable power kite to propel his board across the water, the 41-year-old Novozheev is thought to be the first person to cross the strait on a kiteboard.

Novozheev began his journey from Sakhalin's Cape Krillion on Oct. 15 at 8:30 a.m. and took around three hours to kiteboard to within around 1 kilometer of Koetoi. He arrived at Wakkanai Port on an accompanying boat.

"The tide was fast and the winds were brutal so I am exhausted," said Novozheev. "I am really happy that I was able to arrive here safe and sound."

In September, four Japanese and Russians attempted the same crossing but gave up midway.

The Hokkaido Shimbun Press

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