A soft ice cream replicating the mysterious blue color of a famous pond in Hokkaido in northern Japan is making a splash among tourists after going on sale at a shop that opened in the area on June 1.

Artificial blue coloring is mixed into the ice cream, while its lemonade flavor gives it a refreshing aftertaste. The ice cream, which is garnished with an "Aoigitsune" blue fox cookie, can only be found at the shop at "Aoi Ike" Shirogane Blue Pond in Biei.

A mixed blue and white version using Biei milk is also available. Both cones cost 500 yen each.

"(The ice cream) is exactly the same color as the pond. I think it will be a hit, particularly among women," said Yuki Okada, a 30-year-old company employee on a family trip to the pond from Tokyo.

Okada wasted no time taking a smartphone snap of the treat, which will no doubt catch the eye as a new photo topic on Instagram.

IN PHOTOS: "Aoi Ike" Blue Pond in Hokkaido

Shirogane Blue Pond is a man-made pond that was accidentally created from work carried out on the Biei River to control mudslides following the 1988 eruption of Mount Tokachi.

The deep blue color is thought to be the result of particles reflecting sunlight after aluminum seeped into the water from nearby hot springs.

The Hokkaido Shimbun

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