A woman and her daughter were killed and eight others injured in Tokyo on Friday after a car driven by an 87-year-old man rammed into them at several crosswalks, police said.

The vehicle struck pedestrians, people on bicycles and a garbage truck in the Ikebukuro district around 12:30 p.m. Mana Matsunaga, 31, and her 3-year-old daughter Riko were confirmed dead, while the truck driver and five others in their 40s to 90s were injured, some seriously, the police said.

The car's driver sustained minor injuries and his wife in the passenger seat was also injured.

Footage taken from the car's dash-cam recorder shows the vehicle was running for about 150 meters, according to the police. The driver told the police that the car's accelerator was not able to return to its original position.

The vehicle was heading in the southeast direction toward Gokokuji from Ikebukuro and hit a person on a bicycle at a crosswalk first, then went about 80 meters into an intersection, hitting the woman and her daughter who were also on a bicycle.

The car then crashed into the garbage truck and hit four pedestrians near the Higashi-Ikebukuro subway station, according to the police and the fire department.

"I saw a car hurtling through the pedestrian crossing I was about to cross, and after a loud noise the people in front of me were hit by the car," a male witness said. "It scares me that I might have been hit myself if I had been a bit earlier."