Here is our latest coverage on Japan's imperial succession from Emperor Akihito to Emperor Naruhito.

Main stories:

Role of women in spotlight as imperial family members dwindle

Japan's Emperor Naruhito greets public for 1st time since ascension

Japan's new emperor a "perfect fit" for the role: Oxford friend

Japan mulls amnesty in honor of Emperor Naruhito's enthronement

Over 82% feel affection for new emperor, 79% support woman on throne

New Japanese emperor to start national tour from June

South Korea visit left as unfinished business for new emperor

New emperor to "commute" to palace from current residence for a while

Controversy rekindled over Shinto-linked imperial succession rite

Japan relishes chance to celebrate new emperor without need to mourn

Asian leaders congratulate Japan's new emperor on enthronement

Trump sends "profound congratulations" to new Japanese emperor

Japan-wide celebrations mark start of Reiwa Era

Officials feared Japanese emperor's U.K. experience might be stifled

New emperor's host while studying in Britain wishes him success

Close friend of Japanese imperial family recalls new emperor's visit

U.S. media extensively cover Japanese emperor's abdication

Japan in celebratory mood at start of new imperial era

Emperor Naruhito ascends throne, starting new era in Japan

New emperor to remain close to the people in changing society

Emperor declares abdication, thanks people for support

Emperor, empress to relocate in Tokyo after abdication

Asian leaders offer thanks to outgoing Japan emperor

Trump offers "heartfelt appreciation" to Japan's outgoing emperor

China appreciates outgoing Japanese emperor's achievements

Japanese public looks back over Heisei, express hopes for new era

Japan in celebratory mood over start of new imperial era

Emperor Akihito defines role as state symbol through 30 yrs of reign

Emperor not alone in abdicating, as examples in other countries show

Heisei to be remembered as period of peace, disasters, wealth gaps


Q&A: How are the imperial family's money and property managed?

Q&A: What kind of imperial succession rituals await the new emperor?

Q&A: What is the history of the Japanese imperial household?


Profile of new Japanese Emperor Naruhito

Profile of new Japanese Empress Masako

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Full text of new Japanese Emperor Naruhito's first remarks

Full text of Japanese Emperor Akihito's last remarks

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