People dressed as witches, zombies and "anime" cartoon characters restored Japan's keep-it-clean image after another night of Halloween revelry in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward on Wednesday.

After a weekend of partying that generated negative headlines over antisocial behavior and the mountain of garbage left strewn in the streets, revelers took part in the type of clean-up operation that Japanese are internationally so well-known and respected for at soccer World Cup stadiums.

Nail artist Minami Suzuki, 27, who heard about the garbage problem in the news, said she helped pick up trash "because I want to enjoy Halloween next year and the year after that too.."

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A 28-year-old male company employee who did not give his name purchased a garbage bag and also took part in the clean-up on his way home from a night out drinking.

"I can't stand Halloween (but) I saw people picking up garbage and I wanted to help out," he said.

On social media Twitter user @tommyunho posted tweets of a group of dancers helping to pick up garbage and then performing in front of bags bulging with trash.

@1_become tweeted "I picked up trash for 30 minutes today. It's nice to create memories by dressing up on Halloween but it would be even nicer if everyone cleaned up before going home."

The weekend's Halloween celebrations were marred by ugly scenes. A small truck was overturned while arrests were made for alleged groping or similar offenses. A total of 13 men were arrested after the Shibuya Halloween chaos, ranging in age from their teens to their 40s, allegedly committing offenses including groping and theft.

In light of the incidents, Shibuya Mayor Ken Hasebe called for calm on the streets after midnight Wednesday, but festivities continued into the small hours with some revelers climbing the "Hachiko" dog statue and others making a racket at Shibuya's famed scramble crossing. Hasebe said he would consider measures to avoid chaos next year, touching on ideas such as making it a paid event or using Yoyogi Park in Shibuya Ward as a venue.