Japanese male idol duo Tackey & Tsubasa have disbanded, ending their 16-year career in show business, their office said Wednesday.

One of the pair, 36-year-old Hideaki Takizawa, will retire from entertainment this year and play more roles in running the office by training its talent and producing, while his partner Tsubasa Imai, also 36, will leave the office due to illness, their agency Johnny & Associates said.

(Left photo: Takizawa, right, with Japanese Foriegn Minister Taro Kono in August 2017)
(Right photo: 
Imai, right, with Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito in June 2013)

The duo, which suspended their activities in September last year, disbanded on Monday, the agency said.

They released a joint statement, asking funs to understand their decision that came after they "respectively considered our life to come."

Imai has been diagnosed with Meniere's disease, which causes dizziness, the agency said in March.

Debuting in 2002, Tackey & Tsubasa produced a number of hits including "Venus." They were also active solo, with Takizawa playing a starring role in a year-long samurai drama, "Yoshitsune," on public broadcaster NHK in 2005 and also performing in the "Takizawa Kabuki" series.

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