To celebrate its 70th founding anniversary, North Korea held a military parade in the heart of Pyongyang, and a mass games in the capital's May Day Stadium on Sept. 9, 2018.

Here is a collection of pictures captured by Kyodo News photographers at the events:

Tens of thousands of soldiers and citizens took part in the parade at Kim Il Sung Square, the central Pyongyang area named after the country's founder.


A stream of goose-stepping soldiers and columns of tanks passed through the square while leader Kim Jong Un, clad in a black Mao-style suit, reviewed the military parade from a balcony above.

At the military parade, North Korea did not display intercontinental ballistic missiles that can target the United States, and Kim did not use the occasion to deliver a public speech.

Following the parade, the country's first mass games in five years was held in the evening, involving some 100,000 people.

Kim and his wife Ri Sol Ju were among the guests in the audience.

In an apparent emphasis of Kim's diplomatic campaign, the performance included a Chinese slogan praising "multilateral foreign relations," and a display of a photo of Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae In raising hands together during a summit earlier in the year.

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