Nintendo Co. on Thursday resumed the sales in Japan of a smaller, palm-sized version of its 35-year-old popular game console "Famicom" in response to requests for its revival among fans.

Many stores in Japan sold out of the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer console after its initial release in November 2016, and the company halted its production in April 2017.

The mini console now back on sale is preloaded with 30 games including "Super Mario Bros." and "The Legend of Zelda" and carries a suggested retail price of 6,458 yen (about $59).

Players can plug the console into a television or PC monitor and play the games with a pair of controllers.

Major home electronics chain Yodobashi Camera Co. put the console on sale at a flagship outlet in front of JR Osaka Station.

A 43-year-old man was among the customers who purchased the palm-sized console, saying, "I was not able to buy it at the first launch due to supply shortage. I am looking forward to playing Mario, a nostalgic game that I played in my childhood."

In addition to being sold at home electronics stores, the product is also available on e-commerce sites.

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Weekly Shonen Jump manga publication, the Kyoto-based company will also release a special version of the mini game console on July 7.

The special gadget, with a suggested price of 8,618 yen, carries 20 game titles including those using comic characters from "Dragon Ball" blockbuster manga-anime, soccer story "Captain Tsubasa" and "Kinnikuman" wrestling manga, that are not included in the regular mini console.

The package design for the special console is inspired by the thick Jump magazine, Nintendo officials said.

Nintendo Family Computer, launched in Japan in 1983 and later in other parts of the world as "Nintendo Entertainment System," has sold more than 60 million units globally.