The first-ever U.S.-North Korea summit to be hosted by Singapore next week has been invigorating business in the wealthy city-state, with several unique items related to the historic meeting being launched.

Among them are a cocktail cerebrating the Tuesday summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and commemorative coins available for pre-order.

The cocktail, aptly name "Bromance" given the warming relations between their two countries, is now on the menu at Hopheads, a craft beer bar located near a major shopping district. The drink, priced at S$20 (about $15), is made with Asahi black beer, Diet Coke, tequila and soju, a traditional Korean alcoholic beverage.

"We like to create engaging and fun experiences for our guests to enjoy so we came up with this fun drink," Ethel Chua, business development executive of Hopheads, told Kyodo News.

"Inspiration was pretty simple," she said. Diet Coke is known as Trump's drink of choice, and soju is used to add Korean influence to represent Kim.

Before imbibing Bromance, which is only served in pairs, you must slam the table to cause the soju shot, perched on chopsticks above the glass, to plunge into the concoction below. If you succeed in dropping the shot into the glass or drinking up the cocktail, you will be awarded a peace sign sticker.

"We thought the table slamming to drop the soju shot into the glass was a fun touch that we thought our customers would enjoy," Chua said.

"We are happy that the summit is happening and the drink in tandem with current affairs," she said. "Like everyone else, we definitely hope that something good will come out of this summit."

Hopheads also is also selling a black T-shirt featuring likenesses of Trump and Kim and emblazoned with the words "Peace" and "Love."

Meanwhile, at a shopping mall in Singapore's Chinatown district, some people have lined up to place orders for medallions commemorating the summit.

The Singapore Mint, the company responsible for making the currency of the city-state, has announced it will release gold, silver and base-metal medallions to mark "this momentous step to world peace" and Singapore's "role as a neutral host."

The front side of each features a handshake between Kim and Trump and the flags of both countries under the text "Summit in Singapore." The back side features a peace dove and the national flowers of the United States and North Korea.

The gold medallion is priced at S$1,380.00, the silver coin at S$118.00, and the nickel-plated zinc model at an affordable S$36.

An employee at the company's shop located in the mall told Kyodo News on Tuesday, "We have started to accept orders from today. So far, many people have come."

"There has been an overwhelming response for this item," the Singapore Mint said on its website, warning that a lottery will be held if demand exceeds the allocation for Singapore.

Most hotels are fully booked for the nights around the summit, with a huge number of journalists, photographers and diplomats expected to descend on Singapore for the big event.

Despite the extensive news coverage in the run-up to the summit, some Singaporeans and tourists from countries other than South Korea, China and Japan confessed to being unaware of the high-profile meeting involving the U.S. and North Korean leaders.

A Singaporean at a restaurant told Kyodo News, "Sorry, I don't know who Kim Jong Un is," adding, "It doesn't matter what happens between Korea and the United States."

When told of what some are touting as the most crucial international diplomatic event of the decade, a tourist from Germany said, "Really? I didn't know that. I won't be able to see Trump because I have to go back to my country this weekend."

Even the worker at the Singapore Mint shop said, "I found out last week that the summit will take place in Singapore," although Trump announced on May 10 that he would meet with Kim in the country.

"Actually, I don't know anything about the summit. I'm not interested in it," the worker said.

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