A 114-year-old Japanese stationery company is set to have its official Facebook page deleted Wednesday as "the #deletefacebook movement" launched over the U.S. social media giant's handling of user information has reached Japan.

"We cannot approve of the way Facebook uses personal data it has collected," said Itoya in its sayonara post on the page set up in 2011 and liked by more than 50,000 people.

Itoya, founded in 1904, runs 22 stores inside and outside of Japan, including G.Itoya, a famous stationery specialty store and popular tourist spot in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district.

A company spokesman said it will use the company's website and Twitter to disseminate information from now on.

The #deletefacebook movement has grown, with companies including U.S. electric car maker Tesla shutting down their Facebook pages, after British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica was accused of obtaining the personal information of up to 87 million users.

In Japan, the information of up to 100,000 people is believed to have been leaked.