A train operator in Kyoto on Wednesday unveiled a new train carriage featuring a huge gold oval design on the front.

Eizan Electric Railway Co. showed the train named Hiei to the media two weeks ahead of its launch on March 21 on the Eizan Main line. The train is expected to become a new tourist attraction on the sightseeing route from central Kyoto toward Mt. Hiei and Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake in Shiga Prefecture.

The train will operate every 40 minutes except Tuesdays. Without extra fees, visitors can get on the train equipped with oval-shaped windows and spacious seats.

The interior features a luxurious design with light-emitting diode devices. The operator has included more travel information in foreign languages such as English and Chinese to meet growing demand from foreign tourists visiting Kyoto, Japan's former capital.

"We are seeing an increasing number of tourists at home and abroad using the railway. We want many people to experience the new train car," an Eizan Electric Railway official said.