A 2015 Japanese documentary introducing the voices of Japanese people who support the country's tradition of whaling and dolphin hunting will be screened at an international film festival in London next week, its director said Friday.

Keiko Yagi, who directed "Behind the Cove," said the film has been nominated for two divisions -- best feature documentary and best director of a feature documentary -- at the London International Filmmaker Festival.

Her film attempts to rebut the 2010 Oscar-winning U.S. film "The Cove," which thrust the small Japanese whaling town of Taiji into the international spotlight with bloody scenes of its annual dolphin hunt.

The 105-minute film will be screened on Thursday. The eight-day festival begins Saturday.

Yagi, who will be attending the festival, said she looks forward to the audience response to her film aimed at ending "misconceptions" about the long-standing Japanese tradition.