Israel's International Olympic Committee member Alex Gilady said there has been a development in his lawsuit against two female journalists who accused him of sexual misconduct, something the former NBC television executive again denied.

Gilady, the No. 2 on the IOC's Coordination Commission for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, has filed a libel lawsuit against journalists Oshrat Kotler and Neri Livneh, seeking financial compensation and demanding that they correct their stories.

Speaking ahead of the opening of the Pyeongchang Games, Gilady said the two journalists had until Saturday to corroborate their allegations, but have asked for a one-month extension before presenting their case.

"According to Israeli law, they have to prove they have spoken the truth, not me," Gilady told Kyodo News. "And now they ask for an extension, another 30 days, so this court case may take a long time because I deny what they are saying -- I deny it from day one."

"But now I sue them. They were supposed to do it on Feb. 10 and they ask for an extension."

IOC Vice President and 2020 Coordination Commission Chairman John Coates has said the 75-year-old Gilady, believed to be an ally of IOC President Thomas Bach, will remain on the commission.

According to Israeli media, Kotler accused Gilady of making an indecent proposal, while Livneh wrote an article saying he exposed himself and propositioned her during a work meeting in Gilady's role as president of Keshet Broadcasting Group, a position he has temporarily relinquished.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Gilady's filing read, "Kotler and Livneh did this, apparently, to 'hitch a ride' for their own personal gain on the #MeToo movement."