Although Ichiro Suzuki is on a path toward America's National Baseball Hall of Fame, he has now received an even more unusual honor -- an insect species named after him.

Canadian entomologist Jose Fernandez-Triana, on Thursday, attached the Japanese star's name to a previously unknown variety of wasp in south Florida. In his research article on the website "ZooKeys," Fernandez-Triana named one of his 10 new findings, "Diolcogaster ichiroi."

In explaining the origin of the brown and yellow wasp's name, Fernandez-Triana wrote the following.

"This unique and remarkable species is named to honor the truly unique and remarkable Ichiro Suzuki, my favorite baseball player and one of the best ever to play the game. At the time the research for this paper was being conducted, Ichiro was still playing for a Florida team and thus naming a species endemic from Florida after him made complete sense."

"Unfortunately, the new owners of the Miami Marlins did not keep Ichiro, an unpopular decision not liked by many Marlins fans. Hopefully soon another major league team gives the Universal Hit King the chance to continue his extraordinary career in baseball."