Legendary Japanese guitar artist MIYAVI is due to release a second collaboration album “SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.2” Nov 8, with a digital version and two physical formats (Limited edition with DVD/ Standard CD only).  The new release follows 2012’s “SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.1.”

MIYAVI has been keeping himself busy after shooting the Angelina Jolie movie “Unbroken”. The movie brought him wide recognition for his impressive acting turn, while at the same time greatly promoted his musical activities overseas, especially in the North American market. His unconventional way of playing the guitar - not with a pick, but with his fingers in a “slap style,” has gained MIYAVI admirers not only among Japanese Visual-kei geeks but also from those who have an interest in guitar techniques.

So far, MIYAVI has six successful world tours under his belt, totaling more than 250 shows in 30 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The “Samurai Guitarist” now is ready for a new adventure.

Check out the music video for “Dance With My Fingers,” a collaboration with singer Daichi Miura.

 “SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.2”  tracklist:

1. Dancing With My Fingers / MIYAVI vs Daichi Miura

2. Gemstone / MIYAVI vs SKY-HI(Theme song for「TOKYO TRIBE」STAGE)


4. Banzai Song / MIYAVI vs VERBAL (m-flo/PKCZ®)

5. Bumps In The Night / MIYAVI vs Masato (coldrain)(Theme song for Amazon Original drama「Tokyo Vampire Hotel」)

6. No Thanks Ya / MIYAVI vs Chanmina

7. Flashback / MIYAVI vs KenKen (LIFE IS GROOVE, RIZE, Dragon Ash)(Theme song for animation「刻刻(Kokkoku)」)

8. All My Life / MIYAVI vs HYDE

9. Forget You / MIYAVI vs Che’Nelle

10. Slap It / MIYAVI vs 雅-MIYAVI-

11. Long Nights feat. Sonita – digital only

12. The Making Of “Dancing With My Fingers” Music Video (Behind the Scenes)  - bonus video for iTunes pre-order

DVD in the limited version includes the Official Music Video of “Dancing With My Fingers” as well as live performance and documentary of 「MIYAVI 15th Anniversary Live“NEO TOKYO 15”」.


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