Police presented a bravery award Thursday to a pet dog for helping capture a burglar at a home in Toyama Prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast in May.

The miniature dachshund, named Lucy, alerted her owner in Namerikawa to the presence of an intruder, leading to his arrest.

The man had entered the home belonging to Lucy's owner, a woman in her 40s, on the night of May 4 before trying to make off with several thousands of yen in cash. After the woman was alerted, she and her neighbors apprehended the man.

The Namerikawa Police Station presented Lucy with a certificate of appreciation and her favorite dog food.

Despite being 17 years old, equivalent to the late 80s in human years, Lucy showed heroism in barking loudly to alert her owner, the local police said.

The burglar was indicted and given a prison term of two years, suspended for four years.

Police dog awarded for role in yakuza arrest