Makuhari Messe welcomed visitors, today, to the second press day of the Tokyo Game Show 2017.  This year’s gaming spectacle, one of the industry’s premier events, is operating under the theme “Reality Unlocked”, a reference to the development and innovation in the industry that has created virtual worlds for gamers that have become ever more real and immersive.

Organizers of TGS promised a new experience-based event for 2017, something which seems to be delivered through the show’s VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) area, back again for 2017 and offering a more expansive experience than the previous year.  In addition to this, the e-Sports Area also makes a return, reflecting the continued growth in popularity of live tournaments and competition based around “electronic sports”.  Two sporting arenas, presented by PlayStation and SamsungSSD, under the banner “e-SportsX” have been set up in Halls 9-11 to showcase tournaments.

The bulk of the Tokyo Game Show action takes place in Halls 1 - 8, where industry heavy-hitters have set up booths to show off their marquee titles.  Tokyo Game Show is really home turf for Sony and accordingly they have one of the biggest booths here.  With a release date for Monster Hunter World now out in the open, the Capcom booth also looks like it could be attracting significant attention come the weekend when the show is open to members of the public.  With Sega / Atlus, Konami, Square Enix and Bandai Namco all nearby there will be plenty of competition for visitors’ attention over the weekend.

For the layman or casual visitor, Tokyo Game Show 2017 may be promising to unlock reality, but really, the gaming spectacle couldn’t be further removed from it.  The booming lights and sounds of the booths, massive monsters and robots, even the show models and cosplay artists (who are real), are all about projecting fantasy.  For those lucky enough to attend TGS 2017 though, this will all be reality of a kind for one weekend at least.  And reality is rarely this much fun.


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