Japan on Tuesday saw the final of a battle between the nation's high schools to create the best recipes using fermented soybeans.

The "Natto Koshien" contest, in which students had to create two dishes using the beans, known as natto, involved 77 schools from across the country, with six making it the finals in Tokyo.

Contestants were required to create one dish using the beans alongside local ingredients, and a second dish using natto in a sweet setting.

The winning team, from Chofu Kita High School, western Tokyo, presented judges with a baked dish of natto, cheese, tomato and "shiso" herb wrapped in deep fried tofu, alongside a dessert of doughnuts made with natto beans.

Second place went to Kamimura Gakuen High School in Kagoshima Prefecture, while Tsuyama High School in Okayama Prefecture took third place.

Natto, a staple of Japanese breakfasts, is often seen as a "must-try" for tourists, who are either drawn to or repulsed by its strong smell and stringy texture.

Dishes made with natto served at the contest included squid rice, roll cabbage and dango rice dumplings.

The final of the "Koshien" took place the same day as Japan's much-loved national high school baseball championship got under way at the true Koshien, a stadium in Hyogo Prefecture.