A Tokyo personnel dispatch company unveiled a new farm on the 13th floor of its Tokyo headquarters on Wednesday.

Pasona Group Inc., based in the business district of Otemachi near JR Tokyo Station, has installed around 60 goats, cows, pigs and other animals in the facility, with a view to helping educate about and promote employment in the dairy farming industry.

The first visitors, 20 children of company employees, were allowed to feed the goats and make ice cream.

The firm hopes to use the facility with a floor space of about 1,000 square meters, named "Otemachi Farm," for people attending seminars on the dairy industry, but will also allow members of the public to attend if they make a reservation.

Four members of staff will manage the farm, while its maintenance is being carried out by a company based in Kyoto Prefecture.

Pasona Group has previously involved itself in initiatives to promote farming, including setting up an art and agriculture facility on an island in Hyogo Prefecture in a bid to increase tourism.