On July 27 - unofficially, Watermelon Day - in Japan, many people, including some famous figures, made online posts about the popular summer fruit.

Some people ate it, some dressed as the fruit, and others took artistic approaches and recreated it.

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@tanaka_tatsuya made a food sample of a watermelon and placed a miniature figure on top of a seed. 


Shinnosuke Nakatani, Kashiwa Reysol defender, takes a big bite of a watermelon, "like a man," according to Rey-kun (@Rey_kun), the official mascot of the soccer team.

To mark the day, @kanoopy29 has been carving images of Snoopy from watermelons. 

Showing her work from this year and the last, she tweets,  "I wonder what I should do next year."

@natsumesuguri dressed up as the fruit and took photos with it. She says she is a "watermelon idol."  


@ipnot shows an intricate embroidery work of watermleons.

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