Day 3 of Anime Expo 2017 saw Tokyo Ghoul lead actor Masataka Kubota interact with fans at a movie premier, and an exclusive interview with actor Ryosuke Yamada and director Fumihiko Sori for the upcoming film adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist.


The third day of the expo started off with a bang. Although the panels the KKS team were scheduled for later in the day, we took advantage of our time to explore the Exhibition Hall.  Inside, there were various vendors showcasing great merchandise from Japan, alongside leading anime, manga, gaming, and fashion companies promoting upcoming releases and reaching out to fans at their industry booths. Funimation, Viz Media, Bandai Namco, Atlus, are just a few of the names in residence at the expo.



Once again, the KKS team took the chance to photograph cosplayers who were mainly in the main entrance of the expo hall. The variety of cosplayers was fantastic and if you want to see more, be sure to check out our official Facebook page.



Day 3 of Anime Expo 2017 was host to an exclusive interview for Press Outlet with actor Ryosuke Yamada and director Fumihiko Sori for the upcoming film adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist, scheduled for release in Japan December 1, 2017. An enthusiastic press listened to Yamada and Sori provide insights on the film adaptation. One question addressed to Yamada concerned the rituals that the actor goes through in order to get into the mindset of the character. Yamada stated that when he portrays dark and sad characters he would “go into a corner or somewhere where there is no people and detach himself and then come back into the scene.” When asked how this film adaptation is going to be different from prior live-action adaptations, Sori reassured all present that since it is made by “a Japanese director and comes from a Japanese place”, the history behind it is carried into the end result. The interview concluded with a question about the most memorable moment that occurred during filming in response to which Sori recounted how there was a scene in which Yamada had to jump from “a very high ceiling.” The stunt double did it first which did not go so well, however, when Yamada came to do it, he was successful with the jump and it only took one take to achieve it.

It was apparent from the interview with Yamada and Sori that plenty of care and thought has gone into this Fullmetal Alchemist adaptation and that the director and actor, along with the crew involved, gave it their all to ensure that this film remains true to the original source material. According to Sori, there are no current plans to release the film outside of Japan so if you are in the country during the winter, it is worth supporting and watching it. Sori stated that if the film does well, a sequel may not be out of the question!



To conclude Day 3, we covered a Tokyo Ghoul premiere. Many fans were gathered around the Funimation Booth, ecstatic for the appearance of lead actor Masataka Kubota, who plays Ken Kaneki in the film. Right there, Kubota had the opportunity to interact with fans.



After the Tokyo Ghoul premiere, in the expo's West Hall, there was a photo shoot with 25 cosplayers posing alongside Kubota.



The premier saw massive crowds, all lining up in anticipation of the movie, which made for an amazing way to end Day 3 of Anime Expo.