East Japan Railway Co. has debuted its new luxury sleeper service, Train Suite Shiki-shima, offering passengers a cruise experience between the country's capital and its northern region.

The champagne-gold-colored train made its maiden voyage with 33 on board on May 1.

The Shiki-shima train is Japan's latest innovation in luxury rail travel, offering passengers trips between Tokyo and Hokkaido

While train enthusiasts have been eagerly watching the new service pass by, the real glamour lies within the carriages

Passengers are welcomed on board the train at a dedicated entrance

The sleeper train features a number of two-story suites, with beds downstairs and a sitting room above

An accessible suite allows wheelchair users to fully enjoy the journey

The onboard lounge is equipped with chairs and tables, allowing passengers to relax as they take in the views

A fully-stocked bar is one of the features offered to those traveling on the train

The train is equipped with a kitchen staffed by chefs cooking regional dishes from the areas the train passes through

The dining room offers tables with a view

The decor of the dining room is designed to impress

This two-story suite features a Japanese style sitting room on the upper floor

The deluxe suite bathroom features a bathtub made of Japanese cypress


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