Keihan Electric Railway Co. unveiled to the media on Friday a car on its limited express train in western Japan, with a design inspired by the scenic beauty of the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto, in a bid to lure more foreign travelers.

Starting Aug. 20, the new vehicle of the eight-car commuter train will run through Kyoto and Osaka, two popular tourist destinations. The new car, with a stylish red- and gold-colored exterior, can accommodate 40 people on fully reclining seats, all equipped with power outlets.

It is the first time for the Osaka-based firm to offer reserved seats, which will be available if one pays a premium of 400 to 500 yen.

There will be 100 daily train runs between Demachiyanagi Station in Japan's ancient capital and Yodoyabasi Station in central Osaka, the railway operator said.

A luggage space was also created for tourists in the newly introduced vehicle, dubbed the "premium car," while an attendant, also acting as a tourism guide, will be aboard.