Inc.'s Japan unit and the Kumamoto prefectural government have signed an agreement aimed at boosting sales of local specialties to support recovery following strong earthquakes that devastated the prefecture and its vicinity last April.

Under the agreement, a special section was created on the online retail giant's website to introduce the southwestern Japan prefecture's goods and provide information for tourists. Amazon will also promote the discovery of new products from the area through business meetings with local companies.

Around 4,900 items, including "shochu" distilled liquor and "basashi" raw horse meat, as well as goods associated with the prefecture's popular bear mascot Kumamon will be handled on the website.

"Kumamoto faces a long recovery road ahead. Together with Amazon, we would like to expand sales of our specialties," Kumamoto Gov. Ikuo Kabashima said at a press conference in Tokyo.

In 2010, Amazon created Nippon Store, which handles specialty products from across the country, on its website and has struck a deal to revitalize the local economy in Kochi Prefecture, western Japan, through online sales.