Loudness, a decades-old Japanese heavy metal band which has a history of performing overseas, has been denied entry into the United States due apparently to the immigration policy under President Donald Trump.

"Due to the new strict policies the U.S. government has placed on foreigners entering the country, Loudness was denied entry into the United States," the club Reggies, where the band planned to perform, said on its website.

The members of the band were denied entry at a Chicago airport Tuesday and headed back to Japan several hours later, cancelling their tour which would have taken them to seven locations in the United States, according to the agency Katana Music.

"The U.S. tour has been canceled," Minoru Niihara, vocalist of the band, which debuted in the early 1980s, said on his blog. The band had never been denied entry into the United States in the past and neither had he as individual, Niihara said.

The agency said Japanese performers it took care of were able to enter the United States if they had proper invitation letters but the immigration requested visas for Loudness' members.

The club owner Robby Glick told the Chicago Tribune that he was not sure if the entry denial was "a product of the administration," but "there is a difference since our new president came in."