A series of short films created by an international cast of actors and directors is currently being screened on Japan's largest LED display in Shinjuku, Tokyo.  In a celebration of the film short, Shinjuku Cinema Square 21 by ShortShorts will see five works screened until mid-May on the Yunika Vision (ユニカビジョン) screen, not far from the east exit of Shinjuku Station.  Each film short is scheduled to run for one week, with screenings every night at 9 pm.  

Shinjuku Cinema Square 21 opens with 2011's 'Pitch Black Heist' (Japanese title: 暗闇の金庫 / Kurayami no Kinko) starring Academy Award nominated actor Michael Fassbender. In the short, two professional safe crackers (played by Fassbender and co-star Liam Cunningham) come together on a job which goes south when a light-sensitive alarm system results in the pair having to work in the pitch dark.

The series of short films will also see Hobbit and Sherlock star Martin Freeman take to Shinjuku's screen in the second film scheduled for the event, Academy Award nominated short, 'The Voorman Problem' (Japanese title: ミスター・ヴォーマン / Mr. Voorman), released in 2012.

Later in the Shinjuku Cinema Square 21 program, fans of Asian cinema will have the chance to see South Korean actor and director Yoo Ji-tae starring in his fouth directorial film short, 'Invitation' (Japanese title: 招待 / Shoutai).

The short-film celebration will be rounded off with a screening of director Robert Jenne's 'Five Minute Love Story' (which actually has a running time of 6:51).

'ShortShorts' comes from the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, one of the continent's largest celebrations of film.

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